Oi todo mundo!

The time for departure and move to Brazil is drawing near! Next Sunday (27th) is my planned date of departure, but the whole week before that I will need to wait for my student visa, which is extremely late due to continuous problems since I started over 3 months ago. Only last Friday did I finally have all the required documents with their stamps and legalisations and signatures and seals. I even had to bring one document to Finland because of omitted information by those who were supposed to help me. Luckily I was scheduled to go there anyway, but without it I would have been in big(ger) trouble.


Things almost completely collapsed last Thursday because of one final legalisation (for my university diploma) that the Brazilian consulate forgot to tell me about, but fortunately they did it in one day (Thu-Fri) after I got pissed off. That’s not the way I want to do things, but at least it was effective. It was also not the first time I had to get angry at bureaucrats (the same happened at the Brazilian Embassy in Helsinki), but I’ve come to understand I’ll need to get used to this in Brazil. I just hope things sort out in time both here and there so I won’t suddenly become an illegal alien!


So in exactly 7 days, I will travel via Rome, Italy to Rio de Janeiro, from where I will catch a bus to Viçosa, where the university, UFV, is located. I need to do it this way since other flights arrive at unsuitable times when buses don’t go or arrive at bad times. I will move into an apartment with a handful of guys, of which one I already know (he did some sort of exchange program at my university here in the Netherlands), so I’ll at least know one person! Or two, as I also met a professor from UFV back in March, who was in Holland.

I still need to find a big enough bag suited for moving, as well as actually think about what I might need to bring. And possibly what more paperwork needs to be done, in Holland or Brazil, upon move. Preparations, totally over-rated (except for visa). So anyway, next time I write I’m probably in Brazil, being terrified and totally regretting what I’ve done! Completely natural feeling (in case you didn’t know), it’s not the first time I move to a new place where I know virtually nobody, with a new language and a new culture which’ll surely bite me in the hiney. Let’s break a few legs (hopefully somebody else’s)!


Over & out.