Yeah, strange title. Anyway, hi! Olá todo mundo!

This week I’ve began my fourth week in Brazil! It’s strange how time flies and goes slow at the same time. Not slow as in boring, but lots has happened and I’m really quite exhausted already! It’s just as challenging as I warned myself about, so at least I know who to blame.

But seriously, it’s been awesome so far, and even though I’ve hit the occasional and expected “why the cow did I do this”, the general feeling is that this is the place to be for me! When I walk the 2km home on my own from the faculty building on campus, I keep thinking about the first time I seriously had the thought of going to Brazil, and that I’m actually here now. That makes me quite happy. Sometimes I do wonder if I’m awake or not. It’s also a lovely nature here, at least on and around campus, which I enjoy a lot.

So anyway, I have not robbed any banks or peed on any hands. It’s part of my Funny Language Mistakes Collection Deluxe XL Platinum™.

It says "saques" (withdrawals) at the bank, so I naturally assumed "saquear" = to withdraw. Unfortunately that means to plunder or rob.
It says “saques” (withdrawals) at the bank, so I naturally assumed “saquear” = to withdraw. Unfortunately that means to plunder or rob.
Photo speaks for itself.
Photo speaks for itself.

And I know some of you are interested in food. As I’ve only really so far spent time in a small city with less diversity, I have less to show, but I do still have some things of interest! Oh yeah, and the bureaucracy also extends to food. For order or self-service, bring the food to one person who writes the cost on receipt, and bring this note to a different counter where you pay and get another receipt.

Nonetheless, the following food gallery (23 pics) will give you an idea as to what’s going to give me a stroke!

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And to not bore you much more, I will just insert another gallery with some general photos (28 of them) I’ve taken here since the first week. I have also finally become a legal alien in this country, registered with most things I had to and actually started to forget some things I had in Holland. Probably not forgotten forever, but since those memories aren’t that relevant right now, being in the process of getting used to a new culture, and learning both about computer engineering and a new language simultaneously, it’s easy to forget a little! And last time I checked, I was still a man, so multitasking men myth debunked!

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Also check out the cutest animal ever!

And just one more gallery with some photos I shot with my big camera. So, expect better quality. But not too much diversity, I’m still discovering places.