Oioi! A few years ago I remember my Facebook profile containing the line “I’m a Hong Kong-British Swedish speaking Finnish guy in The Netherlands. I didn’t confuse you, did I?”. Well, I have bad news for you if you didn’t follow before. Now it’s even more confusing. Even I’m beginning to find it hard to explain without having to think when “presenting” (more like a speech) myself to others. And I’ve noticed that a lot of people ask more than once about my background, so probably they didn’t get it the first few times. It’s probably for the best; there are plenty other things in the world to concern yourself with than a louco finlandês without a proper identity.

If I were to speak the equivalent to Portuñol or Chinglish, it would be SWENGFINDUESE.
If I were to speak the equivalent to Portuñol or Chinglish, it would be SWENGFINDUESE.

I’ve also noticed some (other) concerning (or good?) changes, namely with my languages! Just yesterday I caught myself reversing some structure in English where inappropriate. For example, in the Latin languages, you put adjectives after nouns, but in English it’s vice versa. I’ve more frequently begun writing stuff like “I like food very tasty” instead of “I like very tasty food”. Or even completely reverse entire sentence structures, like “write here on this sheet your name” instead of “write your name here on this sheet”. Sure, they’re both understandable, but they are definitely not good English! However, I still do feel good about beginning to think in these ways, as they’re a sign I’m getting used to the language, but not just the words or the rules, but I’m starting to get a feel for whether something sounds right or not, even if I’ve never said the exact thing before. I know it’s a good thing, because I’ve had it before and it makes speaking gradually more natural.. all by itself. And splits your identity even more (more like the splits are splitting).

Mr Bean

And do you know what’s possibly worse? It’s when I have type to different people and constantly have to switch keyboard language layout in Windows! Every time I do so, a whole lot of the buttons start outputting something else.. characters and symbols move, change places or have different key combos! And in Portuguese, some characters even disappear, like question mark, which doesn’t have a key unless the keyboard is explicitly made for the Brazilian market! (although pressing Ctrl+Alt+W does get you a question mark). And let’s not talk about Russian. Yes, I have my PC configured for Russian just for fun (been trying to practice some Russian on Duolingo, but it’s not yet ready for primetime for non-Russians). ENG SWE BP

Faz algum tempo eu disse que vou escrever alguma coisa em português, e agora achei que seria um bom momento pra fazê-lo. Ainda não e tão fácil, mas consigo escrever mais que antes sem buscar o meu dicionário. Eu quero aprender português até posso ter uma conversão sem parar, mas sei que provavelmente vai levar mais que 3 meses. E é verdade, já estive aqui por 3 meses! Ainda sinto como uma grande aventura, apesar do meu trabalho que não me habilitar viajar tanto quanto quero. Mas eu espero que tenho alguns tempo em decembro pra visitar o Rio de Janeiro, antes de eu irei pra Holanda pra feriados. De qualquer maneira, vou parar aqui agora, pois tenho outras coisas pra fazer! Até a próxima vez!

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