Terve! Tudo bem! Hej! Hoi! Hi! Halloween! 您好!Hello! Bonjour! Hallo! Bună ziua! Hallo! Gidday! สวัสดี! Hi/bonjour! Здравейте! Merhaba! Kumusta! Olá! Hoi/bonjour! Hallo! Hello! ¡Hola! !مرحبا Ciao! Szia! Halló! Привет! Dobrý den! Здравствуйте!

There you go. Opening greeting in all the languages that are spoken by people in the countries that have visited my blog! I’m glad there’s a lot of diversity, as that’s how I like it! ALSO: Happy Halloween or Happy All Saints’ Eve, if these apply to where you are! Personally, Halloween isn’t something I’ve ever celebrated (does one celebrate it or just have it?), but at least it gets people creative. I spent yesterday evening helping my flatmate judging his outfit (well, his vampire teeth, I hope I didn’t just spoil a surprise, hehe).

Finland and Brazil are on fire!
Finland and Brazil are on fire!

As you can see, the leading countries for visits to my blog are Finland, Brazil and Sweden, but also lots from The Netherlands and the US! Just yesterday I reached and exceeded 1000 viewers with my blog on my multicultural identity. It’s little or a lot depending on how you look at it. I’m sure my blogging is tiny in comparison to the more committed bloggers in the blogosphere, but then again, I don’t advertise my blog, pay for it or do any sort of promotional activity besides posting on my Facebook. Despite this, I’m getting more and more followers whom I don’t actually know, but who seem to be interested in following a stranger’s adventures in South America. Appreciated!

Also, since this is my first and only blog, I will very likely write here when I travel elsewhere too. So I’ll be posting here this Christmas, even when I won’t actually be in Brazil, but in Europe. So keep an eye out for some variation!

Thanks again to my followers out there in the WWW and keep checking in for more blog posts! See you and have a safe Halloween alongside monsters, vampires, witches, booze, etc.!