Hello peeps!

You hear a lot of horror stories of people who visit jungles, only to return with egg-laying insects under their skins (that burst open). While  I’ve not been to any jungle lately (or ever), I still managed to amass such an experience, which, to me, is more funny than horrible ( 😛 ). Any experience is an experience (as long as it doesn’t kill you). What literally got under my skin was a “Bicho-de-pé”, or a “Chigoe flea“; a parasitic artropod native to South America and some other places. After my flatmate told me it is very possibly a bicho-de-pé, I looked really carefully and I’m pretty sure I saw it moving/pulsating through the pretty transparent dome of skin. By the way, I assumed it was a splinter until now, that’s why I didn’t bother much, as the blister-looking dome of skin is very similar to when you don’t remove a splinter. Today I went to a health care centre to have it removed, and it was pretty dang big (=it had matured with its eggs for about 2 weeks, the time until eggs are released). I’d say it was about 0.4-0.5 cm (0.16-0.20″) upon removal.

I won’t show you a picture of when the eggs start pouring out (which luckily didn’t happen to me), but feel free to look it up yourself if interested (and not easily grossed-out)! I do need to say though that it’s not the first encounter with small sand inhabitants in my life. In Finland (among other places) a lot of kids playing in sand ingest eggs of Pinworms (also a parasite) that grow to tiny worms in your intestines. So, keep calm and keep removing parasites!

That’s all for now, as I have a lot of stuff to write for studies before Christmas! Até!