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France vs. Brazil (and other corrupt countries) | A França X O Brasil (e mais países corruptos)

Hello people of the world! Hello people of France, Lebanon, Middle East, Brazil and many more! Yes, we’re thinking of all of you. The primary reason for this post was triggered by the recent events all over the world. But primarily because of the coordinated Paris attack. Why that one, specifically? Why, I’m glad you asked.

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A tourist in Belo Horizonte | Um turista em BH

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The cost of different | O custo de ser diferente

Hello dear readers! (Tradução abaixo)

Well, meltdowns are always fun, right? I thought this would be a good opportunity to highlight to people the level of difficulty of what I’m doing and explaining just how high the costs are for living the way I live, with my background and problems I live with every day.

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Blog facelift! | Facelift do blog!

Hey peeps! Just wanted to inform about my recent blog facelift! When I created my blog in June last year, I was in the process of moving and had a lot of other more important things to do than thinking about design. Consequently, it wasn’t exactly as nice as it could be. This time around, I wanted my blog to be easier to view and browse, so now it’s more tile-style with a smaller header (for which I still haven’t found a good enough image). Check out the difference below!

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Funny things from around the world | Coisas engraçadas do mundo

Hey folks! I thought I’d share some things I have taken photos of from around the world, which are, due to mistranslations, misspelling or even deliberate! Some things may only apply to certain languages, but the majority you’ll understand!

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Brazil take 2 | O Brasil etapa 2

Hey folks! (tradução abaixo)

Since last blog post, I’ve managed to move twice, be homeless for 12h, commence my thesis project and make a dozen or so new friends. It’s been very tumultuous, which is why blogging hasn’t been a priority lately.

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It’s time to leave. Again. | Chegou a hora de ir embora. De novo.

Hello dear readers! (tradução abaixo)

Nearly a year has come and gone since I moved to Brazil. It’s been, for lack of a better expression, a heck of a ride. A lot has happened over a relatively short time, which seems to have gone both quick and slow at the same time! Continue reading…

Birthday away from home | Aniversário longe de casa

Hello folks! (tradução abaixo)

So, today I woke up with over 100 notifications on Facebook (thanks everyone!). Apparently this day isn’t quite like the other. Some say it’s my birthday, some say I was brought here by aliens…….. alright, only I said that. Aaaaanyway, since this is my first birthday in Brazil and also, in over 20 years, my first birthday away from “home”, whatever that may be, it feels a bit different. Continue reading…

Happy midsummer! | Feliz pleno verão!

Hello folks! (tradução abaixo)

Happy midsummer (Swedish: Midsommar; Finnish: Juhannus)! Today is midsummer in Finland and Europe. Although, midsummer (summer solstice) isn’t celebrated everywhere, it is an important part of our culture particularly in the Nordic countries. Continue reading…

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