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A month of 2015 studies, really becoming Brazilian, and Easter

Hello folks! (tradução abaixo)

Happy Easter! It’s holiday now, but since I don’t have classes on Thursdays and Fridays anyway, it’s not all that different from usual. But, less homework because a lot of people go home to their families, which, in Brazil, can take longer than for me to get home to The Netherlands! Continue reading…


Back in Brazil! | De volta ao Brasil!

Hi all! (tradução abaixo)

I hope you’re having a great start of the year. As some of you may know, I am now officially back in Brazil, after having spent my Christmas holidays/part of my summer holidays in The Netherlands. I intended to write much more when I was there, but due to various things, I didn’t find the time or the energy for this. Continue reading…

2014 in the rearview mirror: Psychologists, bureaucracy, and becoming Brazilian

It’s been a great year! Thanks for… blabla.”

Hello world! As it’s now been officially 2015 for almost two weeks, I thought this belated blog post was long-overdue. I originally intended to write it before new year, but I was so ill I had little strength to do much writing. I got the idea from Facebook’s constant nagging about me publishing highlights from the year. I refused that so I could write something better. (Stuff highlighted in blue are links to some related blog posts or links.)

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Finished, confused, relieved, Stockholm Syndrome| Acabou, confuso, aliviado, Síndrome de Estocolmo

Hi all! (tradução abaixo)

So… where should I start? Maybe the title? And no, I haven’t been kidnapped, but I’ll explain in a moment! Firstly, today marks my first day of holiday… kind of. I still have one more programming assignment to do and hand in, but no more lessons, no more tests, and no more obligation to go to campus this year! It’s been a few crazy end-of-year weeks lately, and I’ve barely had any sleep, fun or time to remember how to breathe. Up in the morning 7-8, home 18-19 o’clock, study and work until 2am.

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3 months, 9000 words and 1000 visitors later, and we’ve just begun! Also: Happy Halloween!

Terve! Tudo bem! Hej! Hoi! Hi! Halloween! 您好!Hello! Bonjour! Hallo! Bună ziua! Hallo! Gidday! สวัสดี! Hi/bonjour! Здравейте! Merhaba! Kumusta! Olá! Hoi/bonjour! Hallo! Hello! ¡Hola! !مرحبا Ciao! Szia! Halló! Привет! Dobrý den! Здравствуйте!

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Country #34 and counting

Hello world! Said nobody ever. I see that I’m not your best blogger, leaving too many gaps between blog updates. Anyhow, I wanted to write something about this 34th country of mine and how it compares to my other experiences. And just to break paragraphs here and there, I will be pointing out some (funny) things I have observed, learned or come to the realisation about.

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Week 4: Robbing banks and pee on hands –that was not a part of my plans

Yeah, strange title. Anyway, hi! Olá todo mundo!

This week I’ve began my fourth week in Brazil! It’s strange how time flies and goes slow at the same time. Not slow as in boring, but lots has happened and I’m really quite exhausted already! It’s just as challenging as I warned myself about, so at least I know who to blame.

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Why I’m really here – Living with Social Phobia

Hey peeps! This will be a post aiming to explain some things some or most of you didn’t know.

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First week in Brazil

Hey peeps!

You may find it interesting that I haven’t yet regretted coming here! I’m sure that feeling’ll come sooner or later, but having been here soon a week makes for quite some first impressions at least. Perhaps the biggest so far has been how nice people are when I talk ear-bleeding Portuguese and then stare back at them like a destitute monkey when I understand about 0.1% of what they replied.

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