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Christmas on Campus| Natal na UFV

Hey to all ye who are anxiously waiting for Christmas! Perhaps this will cheer you up if you weren’t already so! I do miss snow, though, but at least you can be outside shooting until you get tired, not until you freeze your seat meat off! Enjoy the photos below.

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Late post: holiday, lots of work, party, verge of summer, Brazilian dance…

Hello dear readers! I’m still alive, I’ve just not had much time (or energy) for blogging. When I start blogging, I tend to do it way too carefully and spending way too much time on it, so that’s why you don’t see updates very often, and then a massive one suddenly. I keep thinking I blog often enough, but actually I just blog once a month or less.

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Week 4: Robbing banks and pee on hands –that was not a part of my plans

Yeah, strange title. Anyway, hi! Olá todo mundo!

This week I’ve began my fourth week in Brazil! It’s strange how time flies and goes slow at the same time. Not slow as in boring, but lots has happened and I’m really quite exhausted already! It’s just as challenging as I warned myself about, so at least I know who to blame.

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First week in Brazil

Hey peeps!

You may find it interesting that I haven’t yet regretted coming here! I’m sure that feeling’ll come sooner or later, but having been here soon a week makes for quite some first impressions at least. Perhaps the biggest so far has been how nice people are when I talk ear-bleeding Portuguese and then stare back at them like a destitute monkey when I understand about 0.1% of what they replied.

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