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Home sweet none | Lar doce ar

Hello peeps! (Em português embaixo.)

The favourite question people seem to like to ask me wherever I go is “where is home for you?”. Up until now, I’ve been kinda perplexed by the amount of confusion that starts tumbling around in my head every time I get asked this question. Surely, after having moved around so much, this question shouldn’t catch me by surprise? I think I might have just gotten the answer to this, as there’s apparently a group of people to which I belong and didn’t even know about! Continue reading “Home sweet none | Lar doce ar”


Country #34 and counting

Hello world! Said nobody ever. I see that I’m not your best blogger, leaving too many gaps between blog updates. Anyhow, I wanted to write something about this 34th country of mine and how it compares to my other experiences. And just to break paragraphs here and there, I will be pointing out some (funny) things I have observed, learned or come to the realisation about.

Continue reading “Country #34 and counting”

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